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Washing Liquid Mayeri Sensitive

Universal, delicate washing liquid / washing gel for clothes. Suitable for machine wash and hand wash. Does not contain fragrance, colour or preserving agents. Suitable for washing clothes of infants and allergic persons. Efficiently removes dirt both in lukewarm and warm water. Contains a water softener which prevents lime scale build-up.

Sensitive fabric softener

Contains fabric softening detergents. Removes static electricity. Makes ironing easier. Chemical composition suitable for washing the laundry of small children and allergy-prone persons.

Dishwashing liquid Mayeri Sensitive 

Apple scented dishwashing liquid concentrate which efficiently solves grease even in cold and hard water and leaves dishes and glasses shiny. Contains skin friendly detergents, which protects skin even in case of frequent washing.

Liquid Soap Vanilla Hand Balsam 

Delicate liquid soap for sensitive skin, protects natural moisture balance of hands.

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