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Find products for decreasing single-use plastic from your everyday life.

How it works?

You buy an aluminum bottle for each product only once and then we will refill it as many times as you want for the price of the product. For us to be able to refill, you must send your existing container for refilling by choosing this option on the checkout page. After you complete your purchase and payment, and as soon as we receive your bottle, we will clean and refill it with the product you’ve chose and send it back to you.

  1. On your first purchase, you must purchase the aluminum refill bottle(s).
    • After placing the refill bottle(s) in the cart, you choose the product(s) you want to have.
    • For each refill bottle, you can add 1 product of the same volume. This means that the purchase must be joint.
    • After payment, we will send the products to you! Simple, right?
  2. From the second purchase, you will be able to buy only the cleaning product or the set again.
    • In this case, you must send your old refill bottle(s) back to us.
    • Add at the end of your purchase how you will send your existing refill bottle(s) to us.
    • As soon as we receive your refill bottle, we will clean and refill it and send it back to you.
  3. Ready! You have already entered our refueling cycle and will, therefore, avoid buying more single-use plastics.
    • PS! Read from our Instagram blog, why single-use plastics are bad, and what else you can do to avoid it!


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